Department of forwarding and import-export organisation offers all kind of international transports to all destinations in Europe, in the world and likewise organises local transport in Macedonia:

  • Truck, maritime, collective, rail and air transport
  • Special cargo (large consignments) transport arrangements and provides permission services for the same
  • Local transport across the R. of Macedonia.
  • Monitoring of each shipment.

Truck transportation
Makosped can provide efficient transport services with flexible and competitive prices based on market conditions. Our company offers services for:

  • Complete loading and unloading of any kind of goods at home and abroad
  • Truck transportation of containers through the ports of Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Durres, Varna, Burgas, Istanbul, Koper and Danube (Belgrade)
  • Permits for large consignments transportation
  • Transport of dangerous goods in the country with our vehicle equipped according to the ADR convention and transportation abroad with our partner’s vehicles

Maritime transport
Through our network of business partners in the ports of Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Durres, Varna, Burgas, Istanbul, Koper and Danube (Belgrade) we offer:

  • Organisation of maritime container transport
  • Detailed information of the movement of shipments
  • Organization of port services, handling of containers at port terminals
  • Organization of transport for containers from ports to recipients of shipments
  • Handling of containers in Makosped’s Public Customs Warehouse
  • Organization of container transport for large consignments and special items

Collective transport
Makosped organizes collective cargo shipments with full control of shipments throughout the delivery. For this purpose we cooperate with the best transport companies in the country and abroad who can provide a wide market coverage and high frequency of deliveries resulting in a faster transit time.

Rail transport
Rail transport is the safest and most economical option for bulk and mass cargoes. Therefore we offer:

  • Advice on appropriate use of wagons
  • Making the necessary calculations for rail transport
  • Preparation of rail freight documents
  • Consultation for the organisation of combined transport (sea / rail and truck / rail)
  • Providing of necessary permits for the transport of rail shipments for large consignments
  • Organization of container transport for large consignments and special items

Customs clearance

Within the logistics and transport services, Makosped, also, offers customs clearance at import, export and transit of goods. Our customs department offers:

  • Preparation of customs documentation for customs procedure in import, export and transit
  • Tariff classification of goods using internationally recognized databases
  • Providing a variety of licenses, certificates, agreements and approvals required for import / export
  • Consulting services for any foreign trade procedure

Our team works under customs regulations and is fully dedicated to customer needs.
From March 2010 we have in function simplified procedures “AUTHORIZED CONSIGNEE” for unloading customs shipments in our public customs warehouse Madzari, which allows shortening the time of unloading and reducing the cost of transporters.

Warehousing services

To round up the offered logistics services, Makosped likewise offers customs and local storage. We offer storage of collective, non-palletised or palletised goods in regular warehouses, containers and cooling chambers.
Our Warehouse capacity includes:
  • Warehouse Bitola – closed type warehouse of 922 m² and open customs warehouse of 1,440 m².
  • Warehouse Madzari – closed type warehouse of 8,488 m² of which 360 m² are cooling chambers, open storage warehouse with an area of 5,693 m².