Customs clearance

The import customs declaration for up to 2 customs tariff numbers amounts to
2500 MKD.
Every additional customs tariff number costs 100 denars.
We offer you the possibility to pay the customs duties and taxes on your behalf.
- Consultative services for any foreign trade procedure

Num. of customs tariff numbers:


Local storage
Use our calculator to calculate your costs.

Container type:

Num. of containers:

Cooling chamber type:
Packaging type:


Period (days):


Local transport
The local transport of your goods with our vehicles is free of charge for destinations within Skopje.

The transport prices with our vehicles for destinations throughout Macedonia, for this package offer, are with a discount of 20%.


The total amount according to the information you provided would be 0 MKD. *
* the amount does not include VAT of 18%.
* the amount does not include the price for the international transport.